Villa aire

Element Three: Air symbolizes a vast network of vital breath. From the winds that brought the Universe, or the breath that brings any human form to life at birth. Breathe life at the Villa Air

Villa Tierra

Element One: Earth Earth represents the physical body and primordial matter. Fertile and creative, nourishing and exuberant, it contains within itself the characteristics of the mother’s womb that welcomes and nourishes life. Immerse in the groundedness of the planet in our beachfront art villa Earth.

Villa Fuego

Element Two: Fire. Sun is the life-giving energy that’s necessary for us to survive. As such, sun symbolism represents life, energy, positivity, clarity, confidence. It’s an ever-present symbol that always formed a large part of people’s lives. Meet pure sunshine at Villa Fire.

Villa Eter

Element Five: Space has the ability to uplift, inspire, refresh, and relax the spirit of each individual experiencing that space and can leave almost meditational, inspirational, and spiritual auras that endure long after the individual has moved on. ⁠

Villa Aqua

Element Four: Water is a representation of wisdom, peace, and purity. The spiritual meaning of water lies in its reflection of the human spirit and the interconnection of all creations.

Galera beach Boutique art villas

The Five Galera Art Villas by Amazzzing Travel are inspired by elements of the universe, Ether, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth, that is, Space, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth, will house works related to their element. Not only that a team of art directors has conceptualized every corner of the villas to inspire and evoke the meaning of each element within the viewer. Wouldn’t you want to live the experience of living in them.