why fuerteventura?

working & living in paradise

Creative, hungry, and bold minds with a high fuel on life and experiences make Fuerteventura a mecca for knowing people who go on to be lifelong friends. Belong to an open-minded, free-spirited, and ambitiously driven family of digital nomads with DNF. Participate in our Self-Development Retreats, Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, Artist Residencies & Fests.

From a volcano-side private cabin with fiber optic wifi and a stargazing tent to a boutique art villa with Artists in Residency, allowing your creativity to share and vent. Perhaps you prefer sailing between the islands and enjoy Zoom meetings mid-sea or a private apartment all year long so you can relax, experience the place, or simply be. 

Stable wifis, secure connections, ergonomic chairs, video call pods, meeting rooms, we got you! Check availability, book spaces directly, see who’s coming in, attend community events, hang out at local night outs, and above all, find your sacred workspace to get a power boost of productivity. P.S.:- We have secret rural workspaces with fast wifi.

Immerse in local rituals, absorb the sea with professional surf lessons, sharpen your will with our mastermind boot camps, know great people at our speed-networking barbeques, connect with yourself in our spiritual meditation retreats. We have weekly paella classes for the culinary inspired and slackline, and a plethora of sound therapy weekenders for the musically inspired too.

Would you continue the old way or embrace the new?

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